How to Wear Fake Eyelashes

5:14 PM

1. To start with clean eye lids, curl your real lashes
The adhesive (glue ) will not stick on oily skin/oil based makeup.
Use eyelash curler and curl your own lashes (Mascara optional)

2. Most false eyelashes will need to be trimmed.
Trim just a little at a time. Then check them by holding them on your eyelid and seeing how well they fit across your eye lid. Make sure they don’t extend past your eyelid. Do all your trimming before applying the Glue.

3.Third step is to add glue to the fake eyelashes.
Don’t use too much. Let the glue become semi-dry, (takes about 30 sec)

4.Start applying your false eyelashes from the outside corner
Press and hold the fake eyelashes as close to your own lash line as possible.
You can use tweezers too.
(To unify the look of your new lashes apply liquid eyeliner over both)

View Video Tutorial --- HERE

Credited to: Magazine Queen

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