My Notebook Was Stolen

6:46 PM

Dear All Customer,

My house was break in this morning and my notebook was stolen together with my bag and car keys.

All orders and records from 29th Mar - 5th April (delivery date should be on 15th & 16th April) had lost.

Also, all orders loaded from 5th April until today had lost.

Please assist to send us again your order list and let us know the bank, date & amount if you have made the payment.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Sarah Koay
Agape Boutique

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  1. oh dear.. poor thing.
    so sorry to hear bout what had happened..


  2. That's terrible! I'm sorry. I hope you get your stuff back!

    - Saiyidah

  3. Thanks babe, it's a miserable weekend !