Customer Exchange / Resell Corner

1:25 AM

Agape Boutique decided to open a corner for customer to resell their item here.

We understand fully that sometime the sizes just don’t seem to fit.

Customer Exchange / Resell Corner Term & Conditions:

  1. All item must be BRAND NEW. (You may test it once but the shoe still in perfect conditions as new)
  2. All item exchange / resell here strictly limited to Agape Boutique’s item only
  3. You may choose to publish your email address so that other buyer can contact you directly or else we will not disclose online
  4. Agape Boutique do not earn a single cents for this corner set-up, please provide full and accurate details for us to published.
  5. Agape Boutique DO NOT hold any responsibility any complaints from this corner.

~ Have a Great Shopping ~

With Love

Agape Boutique

Click on the photo below to view our complete catalogue

Customer Exchange / Resell Corner

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  1. I would like to resell my shoes.. How to do it here? Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    Just email us the code, photo :)