Transparent Jelly Boots ♥

11:48 PM

Ever ask yourself what's your favorite color ? Pink ? Yellow ? Green ? Blue ? Orange ? Black ? White ?
If you ask me, I would have go for Pink or Green, but if you show me below picture... I'm Lost !

Can I have them all ?

Introducing AGAPE BOUTIQUE  Transparent Jelly Boots
We love the transparent design (which btw is the latest hit for 2013) + candy color painted on the bottom of each boots... It's simply Amazing, right ?

Paired up your transparent boots with funky, colorful socks !

You can pair it with lace sock too 

We have it in 9 colors now and more will be updated
Visit our webstore to load your order now

Search Code: RY36 

♥ Happy Shopping 

Agape Boutique

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