Agape Signature Korean Platform Sandals, Suede Boots & Jelly Gladiator Shoe ❤

3:20 PM

New Arrivals on Ready Stock just hit our web-store !!

Finally, our self-manufactured Korean Platform Sandals is available in WHITE color now... After months working out with factory, we have launched our signature design in white... As most of you are aware, White Chunky Platform Heels like this have been swapping fashion world since the beginning of 2014.. Everyone is wearing it, celebrity, street style fashion, fashion magazine & etc...

RSN3800 WHITE, RM 59

RSN3800 BLACK, RM 59

Other than our signature platform sandal, we have bring in Dr. Marten Inspired Suede Ankle Boots in 3 different colors. 

R2211 BROWN, RM 69

R2211 BLACK, RM 69 

R2211 MAROON, RM 69

Lastly, our new arrivals on Ready Stock corner are Jelly Booties which works perfectly in rainy day, you can just step into the watery road without any worries... *winks*

RY115, RM 40 (*steal*)
(search for RY115)

❤ Happy Shopping 

Agape Boutique 

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