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It has been months since we last updated our blog, as most of you aware, we have launched our new product - Shekhinah Stem Cell Renewal Serum & Shekhinah Diamond Renewal Serum on April 2014 and was so tight up ever since. 

Within 3 months, we manage to expand our Shekhinah Serum to Singapore with one of our authorized dealer - Secret To Goddess 

Over few dozens of real life feedback from our customer, [Click here for more: Shekhinah]

Famous blogger Chenelle Wen blogged about us, [read here: Review: Shekhinah Serum]

Pretty Thong Jean blogged about us, [read here: Shekhinah] and many more...

You maybe wondering, what is so great about this little tiny bottle serum ?
Ahem.... Here's some simple summary of the functionality of each serum:

Shekhinah Stem Cell Renewal Serum:

Suitable for All Skin Type
  • Repair all type of skin allergies, redness, sun damage | 修复所有类型的皮肤过敏,红肿,晒伤
  • Reduction of acne scars, stretch mark, rashes  |  减少暗疮疤痕,妊娠纹,皮疹
  • Repair large pores skin  |  修复毛孔粗大的皮肤
  • Restore cell activity and increase skin elasticity  |   恢复细胞活化性,增加皮肤弹性
  • Reduce wrinkle and freckles  |   减少皱纹和雀斑
  • Provide an anti-wrinkle effect   |  提供抗皱效果
  • Activation and protect longevity of skin stem cells  |   激活和保护自身皮肤干细胞的寿命
  • Combat chronological aging  |   对抗老化时间顺序
  • Smoothed and soften skin   |   平滑和软化皮肤
  • Oil control on facial skin   |   面部皮肤控油
  • Improve Re-hydration of dry skin   |   补充水份,改善干燥的皮肤

Shekhinah Diamond Renewal Serum:

Suitable for All Skin Type
  • Increase brightness of skin and skin whitening   |   增加皮肤亮度​和美白肌肤
  • Increase glowing look on face   |   增加面部光彩
  • Skin rejuvenation effects   |   嫩肤效果
  • Improve skin transparency   |   改善肌肤透明度
  • Increase face radiant and look younger   |   让面部容光焕发,看起来更年轻有弹性及富有光泽
  • Smoothen and soften skin   |   平滑和软化皮肤
  • Oil control on facial skin   |   面部皮肤控油
  • Improve Rehydration of dry skin   |   补充水份,改善干燥的皮肤

We must admit, it's never easy to start-up a new product, lots of discussion, meetings, own personal testing, submission for health ministry approval before launching the product. After the launch, we got to deal with other issue like marketing, promotion, answering customer inquiry and stuff...
However, I must say, it's such a fulfilling journey!

If you haven't try out our Shekhinah serum and you would like to try it, 
please prepare below information for us:
1. Snap a photo of your face to us (Left side, Front, Right Side)
2. List down your daily skincare routine
3. Email to: OR Line/Wechat: agapeboutique
4. Our consultant will get back to you asap.

If you want to join us as agent / dropship OR official distributor, email us at

Alright, that's all as for now for Shekhinah Serum... 

Got to get back to work on our ladies footwear corner, New Arrivals on ready stock gonna hit our web-store Agape Boutique  pretty soon... Get ready ladies 

With Love,
Sarah K.
Founder, (aka slave) of Agape Boutique & Beauty

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